Start At The Roots

Kelly Welk is the founder of Freedom Dinners, which takes the power and community that happens around a table, and utilizes it for the freedom of others. Her work has expanded into Ciderpress Lane, which includes a Fair Trade shop, online community, and more – all to contribute more to Rescue:Freedom in order to liberate people from human trafficking. You can learn more about Kelly and her work here.

From the beginning there has been a wrestling between light and dark. Through the ages there have been seasons of calm and waves of turmoil and not for one minute has God been removed. 

But our humanity loses sight, our hearts begin to believe that He has forgotten us. He’s left us to our own failures. And this is exactly where the enemy wants us because our own fear blinds us to God’s hand in it all.

It is in the greatest turmoil that we can also glimpse the greatest view of God. When everything is shaken and stirred, disrupted and dismantled – that’s when God does His most brilliant work of weaving our hearts to His.

These are the times you can actually feel the foundations your life is built on. It isn’t because you hit rock bottom, it’s because you built it firm and strong. ‘Everyone who hears my words and puts them into practice is like a wise builder who built his house on the rock’ (Matthew 7:24)

Wiggle your toes, stomp your feet and slam yourself into it and feel the foundation so firmly that your heart can gain courage to stare the storm in the face knowing it cannot shake you. Then shield your eyes from the glare of the turmoil so you can see God’s view, muffle the sound of the media so you can hear God’s heart and see right in front of you.

Right here in your home, at the very people you live with, look at your neighbor…the one who lives next door or across the street and keep your eyes open for opportunities to love.

This is not a time to wait for grand ideas, it’s the time to start at the root of it all – Love God and Love People in every small way possible.

Play the game your kids want to play.

Make the dinner your husband, or roommate loves.

Share zucchini from your garden.

Spend time outside talking to neighbors and being present.

Help mow the yard of your elderly neighbor.

Make an extra loaf of sourdough to share.

Share a cutting of a plant.

Walk your dog when your neighbor walks theirs and talk about life… together.

So where do you start? How can you even make a difference in a world tipped over and on fire? Root yourself on your foundation and reach out to those sinking around you – no one is looking for grand gestures they are simply hoping to be seen.

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