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Anna Kuttel

About Me

Hey friends! I’m Anna… a delighter in the details… a noticer of the small things… a crafter of plans. I love going on trips with my family, but a close second is solo time with my favorite beverage, a couch, and a good Netflix binge. If it’s winter you’ll likely find me in cozy clothes with hot coffee in hand; in summer you’ll have to catch me on my paddle board. I get excited hearing big ideas, and helping create a framework to turn them into reality. My life’s ‘resume’ is quite the random combination of degrees in anthropology and interior design, marrying my favorite person who I never tire of laughing with, a stint in real estate, a healthy dose of loss, non-profit work, and bringing the two cutest boys into this world (sorry if you thought your kids were the cutest). And when God brought my path in a direct collision with a staffing need at Collide in 2015, there was no doubt He had put a mandate on my life to get to work; His work. I love that there’s no part of our story, our resume, our pain, our talents, our mistakes, our hopes, or our experience that God can’t take and use to bring about life change – I witness Him do it all the time for women through Collide. It’s the best part of my job.

  • Anna's fun facts

  • What is your favorite coffee drink?

    Depends on the season! But my go-to is a 2% latte with sugar-free vanilla, half flavor

  • What is your favorite quote?

    Everything my kids said when they were 4, but I forgot to write down.

  • What is your favorite Collide podcast episode?

    15 Hindrances That Could Keep You From Being a World-Changer

  • What is your favorite food?

    I love all food, but I think I could eat a charcuterie plate with a glass of wine forever. Also, TACOS. And poké. And pizza. And anything that ends in ‘bowl’… see, I told you, all food.