Spiritual Hangups

Be Freed from Religious Baggage

Faith, church and God often come with baggage. Some of us have been burned by the church. Some of us have been taken advantage of by spiritual mentors. Some of us have had really bad experiences with Christianity. So many of these hurts still hurt. It’s so easy to get hung up spiritually and we get that around here at Collide. We know that we all have different experiences. We get that a lot of the negative experiences we’ve had with Christianity has made Jesus look bad. We desire to create spaces where you can re-learn who Jesus is so that you can re-engage and re-hope. We want this to be a safe place for you to be real about your hang ups, your pain, and your story as we are being real about ours. When we’re real, Jesus can really meet us. Tap into this content and be freed from the hang ups that come between you and God.


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