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God Can Use You to Change the World

So many of us desire to be leaders or have already been put in positions of leadership. We are leaders in the business realm, in schools, in our communities, and our churches. We lead causes, we lead ideas, we lead visions, we lead organizations and we lead ministries. We know that you are moms and you are youth leaders. You are preacher chicks and you are entrepreneurs. You are counselors and you are pastors. You are coaches and you are doctors. So we want to inspire you in the place God has called you to lead. We wholeheartedly believe in your leadership and your ability to impact lives and change the world. So we want to keep putting before you inspiring stories of other leaders, helpful resources that challenge and grow you and more content that empowers you to continue saying yes to the influence and impact you can have on this world. So check out some of this inspo…


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