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Good Work

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to choose what to read out of your whole big Bible. It might even be intimidating deciding how to spend your quiet time with God when there are no prompts or guidelines. That’s why we’ve asked former Collide staffer, Michelle Holladay, to write this devotion to help take the guesswork out of your study time and relax into prayer and reading.

Read Colossians 3:12-25

I remember crying to a friend in a church bathroom because I was overwhelmed and exhausted. On top of my responsibilities at home and work, I had completely overextended myself by saying, “Yes” to every school and church activity I was asked to be a part of. I felt like I was doing all of this “good work,” but maybe it was the wrong work.

 Have you ever found yourself in this place? I think sometimes we read these verses that talk about doing all of our work as if we are working for the Lord and we fail to recognize that a key element to living that out means keeping in mind the kind of work that is actually important to Him.

 I honestly don’t think it will matter to God if you skip cleaning your toilets this week. But I bet if you spend that time at a coffee shop, encouraging a friend, it will make a difference to her. I don’t think God will hold it against you if you miss a PTA meeting but I bet your daughter will be grateful that you took the time to help her with her homework. I don’t think God will give it a second thought if, just this one time, the kids on the soccer team get orange slices in regular Ziploc bags instead of the personalized ones you saw on Pinterest. But I bet your co-worker will notice when you stay late to help her prepare for her big meeting.

 We so easily get distracted by the many tasks we think we need to accomplish and many of these can be classified as “good things.” But, let’s not forget what’s really important. When Jesus walked the Earth, His work was all about people. So, let’s not be so consumed by doing “good work” that we forget about what is really important. Let’s not forget about the people right in front of us that God has given us the privilege to love.

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