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Merry Christmas!

As you celebrate God with us, God come down, God with flesh and blood and an Adam’s apple, God colliding with us, will you consider taking part in generously giving to Collide’s end-of-year giving campaign?

We are about 15 months into being a non-profit, which means we partner with diverse churches and gather people from across the church spectrum, as well as people outside of the church. This move on our part puts us on our own financially. We don’t have any big brother churches  or denominations funding us, or any rich sugar daddies 🙂 We took a leap of faith to become a nonprofit as we felt so led by the Lord, watching Him drawing women from all sorts of churches and women outside the church to our events, counseling program, classes and mentoring program. This decision has been so rich in seeing the beauty in diverse gatherings that encourages unity, and we see lives being radically changed! But it has been financially tricky to continue shaping and composing ministry events and gatherings, while keeping those events affordable for attendees. We offer scholarships for women to attend all our events for free if they cannot afford to pay, as we never want money to be an obstacle and we hope to continue to be able to do that. We offer 4 sessions of counseling to any person in need of that help and healing, and we hope to continue to be able to do that. We meet with women, leaders and churches across the county and even outside the county, inviting them to collide with the One who continues to build hope and redemption into lives. We hope to continue to do all these things.

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What most people don’t know is this:

  • We have partnered with over 7 churches in the past year and have seen amazing things happen in the lives of women!
  • We have had 1,650 women in the last year come to our events and this does not include those who hear the message when we travel to churches outside the county to share the good news!
  • We have a team of 21 women volunteers, (plus 50 other volunteers on the day of event)s who make Collide happen.
  • We have one paid staff person who is an administrator and she works 12 hours a week.
  • We have churches across the state who have asked about having Collide at their church and we have to say NO as it will take paid staff members to pull off more events and ministry gatherings outside.
  • We have BIG vision for the year to come and need your partnership to pull it off!
  • We have no office or printer or… you get the picture.
  • We do not own basic things for events like tablecloths, coffee dispensers, etc.
  • We don’t have storage space.
  • We have no church or denominational financial support.
  • We keep ticket prices affordable, however they do not even cover the cost of putting on an event
  • We rely solely on the generous donations of individuals like you.

What once was a small group is now a growing organization whose amazing growth preceeded its resources. So we are asking you as the year-end approaches to consider generously giving to Collide so that we can continue seeing lives changed!

If you would like to give a one-time donation or commit to a monthly gift, you can give online by clicking the donation button or you can mail a check to our address: Collide: PO Box 30651 Bellingham, Washington 98228.

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