Getting back up when you're knocked own video

Getting Back up When You’ve Been Knocked Down

We all face hardships, trials, battles and challenges on our journeys. When an obstacle prevents itself, how do we push past the very things that trip us up and surmount the climb ahead? When something knocks you down, how can you stay strong and rise back up? There’s so much threatens to get in the way of us and God, and of us and God’s best for us. Allow yourself to be transformed by this message that challenges all the lies that tell us we will not rise up, we will not be successful, we will not experience health, we will not be chosen, we do not have God’s favor. You will leave hearing this message by Collide’s Founder and Director, Willow Weston, feeling confident, brave and strong, knowing you will prevail, you will rise up, you will overcome.

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