Finders Keepers


This has been such a crazy year! It was our first year as a non profit and boy what a whirlwind! God has done so many amazing things and for that we are grateful! Our last gathering of this school year for women is this Saturday and we sure do have a special day planned!

We will center around the collision Jesus has with religious people muttering in Luke 15 when He busts into parables about the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost son. The entire day we will be hearing stories, parables and challenges about what really is lost. What if what is lost is not what we thought? How does Jesus challenge religious mutterers? What are we to do about getting home and back, close to God? What stories do we tell ourselves about God that might be untrue? How does God’s desire for restoration find us?  How do we help others get home? What is God’s heart for people wayward and astray? Have you lost that heart? How do you get it back?

We have a thought provoking line up of speakers.


Julie Burleson, who is on staff at Ekklesia is speaking on “A Party Worth Inviting Everyone To”. She has spent time diving into the parable of the lost son and wants to challenge us with what she has learned. Her perspective on the party that God throws is one you won’t want to miss!

Shawn Hofing, a graduate student pursuing his Masters degree in Counseling and a man who has 15 years of ministry experience working with youth and those considered lost or the “least of these” is going to challenge “The Stories we Tell Ourselves”.  The stories we tell ourselves are so powerful and his message will pierce just the place you find yourself!

Lori Hein, who is traveling up from Seattle and is quite connected with Touchpoints ministry in the Pacific Northwest and Young Life is sharing from her own life and story about adoption and being “Rescued and Restored”.

Willow Weston, the Director of Collide will be challenging our religious comfort and sense of getting what this all too familiar parable in Luke 15 actually means as she speaks a message about what is actually “Lost.” And it might not be what you think.

We have a rich line up of teachers for the breakout options for women to choose from. How will people possibly pick 2 – they all sound so great!

Finders Keepers Breakout Teachers


Some of our very favorites are leading worship.


We will have modern comfort food catered by 250 Flora.


There will be several women sharing their stories of being lost and found and women sharing stories of giving of themselves to help those in need, those on the margins and those who have lost hope. This day will fill our cups so much so and is just the perfect celebration to a year full of stories of God finding us and keeping us! Because that is the kind of God He is.


Women, take time out of your crazy superwoman schedule and invest in your self. Take time to stop. Take time to learn. Take time to grow and understand God’s heart. A  few simple hours could be life changing. Register here. 

Please be praying friends, for a day to be found by God.

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