Desiring Greatness: An Evening for Women coming up!

We all desire to be found great.In fact we don’t just want to be good or great but we want to be the “greatest” …or at least close. In that desire, we often find ourselves running fast and working hard to get to this feeling of “greatness”. Jesus’ disciples were arguing over who would be the “greatest” and I wonder if we don’t find ourselves in the same ol quiet hidden argument. We might never admit it, but we are hoping to look like we are a front runner, like we are winning, like we have got it figured out. We try to achieve greatness physically, relationally, emotionally, spiritually, materialistically, socially and on and on.

Jesus was walking a road with his homies and came to a stop. He prodded as to what they were arguing about. Of course they wouldn’t admit it, but they were arguing over who was going to be the greatest in God’s Kingdom. Jesus’ challenge to our desire to be found great will rock our world if we let it. So, at our last Collide of this year, ( to see highlights of our winter Collide go here) we are going to center around this passage and allow Jesus to meet us in our great climb to be found great and invite God’s idea of greatness into our lives!


We expect this to be a powerful evening full of stories from women around the northwest, worship, appetizers, mocktails, a  ministry fair and some big surprises up our sleeves! If you are a woman in driving distance, you are greatly encouraged to join us! Get your tickets here… 

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