A Blessed Day

A Blessed Day

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We had such a beautiful day with women gathering for our first Collide of the year! It was a day of stories, live transformative art, worship, monologues, dancers, worship and seed planting. There might not be anything more powerful than God in a room full of hundreds of women who come from all different experiences coming together to share pain and seek blessing. This event was like a deep meaningful conversation in community that brought women to a table to share their pain, loss, grief, mourning, infertility, cancer and sickness and how in the midst of such trials they held onto the promise of God’s blessing to come. We left with hope, faith and inspiration to keep holding on, enduring, praying and waiting on spring in the midst of fall.

Take a look at some of the images captured from the day….

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Thanks to all those who made this such a beautiful day! Our next Collide day for women is coming in February and registration is already open just for you to get your early bird registration ticket!

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