When Envy Invites You to the Pity Party with Kristen Mattila

Collide Podcast When Envy Invites You to Pity Party Kristen Mattila

How often do you find yourself struggling with jealousy, disappointment and discouragement? It’s easy to fall into the fears and lies that bring us to those broken places when we look around and feel like God is delivering on His promises and doling out miracles to everyone around us, but we’re getting left in the dust. As our guest Kristen Mattila said, “Sometimes it feels like God is like Oprah telling everyone ‘You get a car and YOU get a car and YOU get a car!’ but then sneaking out the back door before ever getting to me.”

Join us this week as Willow discusses envy, fear and ways to combat the lie that God has forgotten about you with Collide staffer Kristen Mattila. This episode is jam-packed with everything from deep truths to belly laughs to practical advice and discussions on scripture.