Collide Staff

Willow Weston

About Willow

I love telling stories and inviting others to share theirs. I’m all people, all the time. Facts and figures bore me, but life stories, that’s where the good stuff’s at. I love a good massage and a walk on the beach. I can throw a mean party and I’m a criminal at the local library. I have a hippie name and I once lived on a school bus as a kid. I frequent coffee shops more than I’d like to admit and sit across from hurting people in the hopes they will find help for their pain. I battle insecurity and old wounds every day, just like you probably do too. I have been married for twenty years and the mom of two amazing kids who school me everyday. My hope is that God would use my life and my voice to change our world. It has now become my greatest desire and calling to invite others to collide with Jesus, because when we do, our lives will be beautifully transformed.

  • Willow's fun facts

  • What is your favorite ice cream?

    My favorite ice cream is…a hot fudge sundae. I have the best recipes this side of Texas. And poured over vanilla ice cream with some toasted walnuts and whip cream. Ummmm, you got yourself a problem…

  • What's one fun fact about you?

    When I was 6 I lived on a school bus and traveled to Texas to film a documentary with my parent people.

  • Whats your favorite thing to do for fun?

    Hanging out with my two kids and my hubby.