Practice What You Preach

Practice What You Preach

There are times in life when you have to practice what you preach. Now, I don’t mean to assume that I don’t normally believe that I have to do so. But bright and early in the morning I will be put in a position or should I say, given an opportunity, where I will have no other option than to practice what I preach. I will get up on a stage in a beautiful theater, Mt. Baker theater to be exact, and I will challenge 8 churches to believe in God for Big things in our city and our world because He is powerful and can change lives! As I do, I will be literally practicing what I preach.  I appreciate your prayers and this was my prayer to the Lord today.


I sat in my car and I wrote down all the reasons why I was scared, nervous and not cut out for this. And as I prayed the only words that came to my mouth were these words. God, be the power I proclaim. If God can speak through a burning bush, He can be powerful enough to speak through me. If God can speak through donkeys He can be powerful enough to speak through me. I certainly cannot challenge the Church to believe on God to be powerful if I cannot believe on Him that HE could use the likes of little ol’ me. So here it goes to practicing what I preach. God be powerful and to Him to be the Glory! More on how it goes later…..

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