Owning Your Worth

Jessica Hottle is an author, podcaster, and inspirational speaker who teaches women how to be set free from their past and heal in their bodies. For more information about Jessica, visit her website.

I hit my breaking point. I didn’t know I was at my breaking point until it happened. I was on a red eye flight home from a business conference when I woke up from a deep sleep where my head felt foggy, by body began to radiate warmth, and everything felt like I was looking through lenses that were all scratched up. At that moment I decided to get up, use the restroom, and the next thing I knew I was waking up on the bathroom floor of the airplane. My breaking point led me to months and years of discovering my own denial of stress, over-work, and trauma. Yet, the words, “God is giving you this to teach you a lesson,” left me with weak knees, a head bowed in shame, and hands that just spent hours looking for the answer to the lesson He was trying to teach me. 

 It left me feeling I wasn’t good enough when I kept hearing that God wanted me sick to teach me a lesson. My view of the Father was someone who was handing out sick passes to His children so they could become better listeners. Hearing this impacted how I viewed myself. “We are one with Christ in spirit.” ( Corinthians 6:17.) I didn’t want to go to the Healer for healing because I thought He wanted me to have it. Believing this lie kept me sick longer. When I began to know of a Father I had never heard of before, a Father who wanted me well, it began to change every fiber in my being. It changed who I thought I was in Him to who I really was in Him—a woman of worth with the capability of being well.

We limit our worth when we limit God to our capability and understanding.

Owning your worth can be broken down into three parts.

Part 1: Know what’s trying to steal your identity. Who and what are you worshipping? What we worship we become. You can even worship others’ opinions and thoughts so much so that you believe them to be true and real.

Part 2: Who do you believe God is? Who is God to you? Who you believe God to be is also how you believe yourself to be. You are made in His image, therefore if your image of Him is being based on lies, then so too will your identity (Genesis 1:27.) If we reduce God to our experiences, then we also reduce ourselves. We are image-bearers. This means how I think about Him also affects how I think about me.

Part 3: Identity is knowing who He is. His love. His character. His nature. Knowing Him allows us to know ourselves. You look like your Daddy. We can’t keep trying to figure out our identity without ever opening our Bibles AND applying what those powerful pages say.

Your identity is not in a feeling. It’s a person. Your identity is about becoming more like Him every day as you renew your soul to His truth.

Remember this. You will know if you are believing a lie when it leads to any kind of destruction. The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. A lie will lead you down this path.

The Truth will always bring about restoration and healing. 

I have learned that God doesn’t give us sickness to teach us a lesson. The enemy is who comes to kill, steal, and destroy. When I discovered the true nature of Christ, healing began in my body and my soul. I was no longer fighting the Healer for healing. I was merely receiving what His Son already did for me.

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