Kaleidoscope: the Crucifixion as viewed by Jesus’ Aunt

We asked a myriad of voices to engage with the crucifixion as if they were one of the characters present and write from that perspective. We gathered last week for an amazing collective of perspectives that ranged from a diverse, colorful, eclectic group of people gazing at the cross. We will post each character and their angle as we approach Easter. Enjoy!


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Who…. who ARE you? And… why did I believe what Mary said about you? What Joseph said. What you yourself seemed to say! I mean, I was sure that you were the one who would redeem us.  I really was. Not just a prophet, but “the promised one.” … In a way, I guess I still believe that you are. But… it… it sure looks like you’re dying. You look… so… weak. So defeated. So wrong.

Our boys and our men, they gave their lives to your dreams, to your teaching. And now … they’ll be hunted. They’ll end up like you.

And Mary. Your dear mother. So young to have suffered so much. She gave you her body, her reputation, her love. OH, HOW SHE LOVED YOU! Like no other mother loves her son. I’ve never seen anything like it. I love my own son, but not with same kind of calm certainty and sheer adoration that Mary had for you. And now … you hang on a cross. You’re a criminal. Oh, Mary! Jesus, you have to do something! Fix this! I know you can. I’ve seen you do so much more. Why did you let them do this to you?! This has gone too far! Are you just waiting until the darkest possible moment before you’ll act?

Look at Mary Magdalene. She has known darkness. More darkness than I can imagine. And yet, with you, more light than I’ll ever comprehend. Why would you take that light away from her?

Why would you abandon us? This just isn’t you! This doesn’t make any sense.

I loved you. Deeply. And you loved me. You saw me – you saw the parts that I wished others would see. You called them out of me. You let me into your group and you trusted me. Because of you, I felt more whole, more solid. And like I was freer than most women. Like I was coming alive in all the best ways. Clepoas saw it, too. And we grew together. Our conversations were filled with your teachings. And now our love is so rich! All because of you. 

I trusted you and I hoped for you and I KNEW that you were the promised one. I knew it.

How could I have been so wrong? How could I have been so sure? How did you fool all of us?

Honestly, it’s not so much that I feel fooled. I feel abandoned. I feel … empty. Hopeless. Without you, what is left? You’ve brought life with you, in wild and vibrant colors. Everywhere you went, you spread life. Even when you were a little boy. You brought things to life – to their truest and fullest lives. And now? Here I am, watching this giver of life, give up his life.

I will stay with you, here, as long as they let me.

And after that, I don’t know what will become of us.

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