Winter Bible Study Group for Women

Does life sometimes feel impersonal? With all of our profiles, passwords, selfies, and computerized customer service, we can easily feel that we are “known” without really being known. We often wonder if God really sees what is going on in our lives. Is He capable of answering our prayers? Will He actually stop for us?

You’re invited to join us as we dive into our Personal and Powerful Bible study and explore the way Jesus collided with two individuals in Mark 5. Through this study, God reminds us that He is able to intersect with our lives in both personal and powerful ways. As you engage Scripture, read personal stories, and reflect on questions that invite you to new places, you will be challenged, encouraged, and inspired by this study.

Over the years at Collide, we have seen again and again that when women run into Jesus they are forever changed – and this is just what we hope for you too! As you go through this study, we invite you to show up as you truly are, and allow space for others to do the same. It is through this process of allowing God to show up and collide with the places of your heart that are broken or wounded that we experience healing and transformation. We are certain that as you gather with your group and dig deep in discussion, you will collide with Jesus and experience God in personal and powerful ways!

We will be hosting this in-person bible study at the Collide office (1416 N. State St.) on Tuesday evenings beginning February 20th through May 21st (excluding April 2nd) from 6:00-7:30 pm. We’ll provide you with snacks and a welcoming atmosphere to engage in this study together. This group will be co-led by Michelle Holladay and Tamara Lindhout – who are a couple of our favorite people!

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Tuesdays - Starting February 20th, 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


The Collide Office - 1416 N. State St., Bellingham

Michelle Holliday Headshot

Michelle Holladay


Michelle Holladay believes passionately in God’s word and loves helping others discover how relevant the Bible is to our everyday lives. Her ideal day would be spent on a warm beach with a good book. One day, she blinked and her two children were grown, but being a mom will always be her favorite job, one she has happily shared with her husband of 30 years. Michelle is a former Collide staffer and has led many Collide Bible studies and is looking forward to beginning this journey through the Personal and Powerful Bible study with a new group of women.

Tamara Lindhout


If you frequent our events, chances are you’ve seen Tamara around as a regular participant in our drama performances. Tamara cherishes her warm and fun-loving family, with whom she shares many laughs. She’s an avid movie-goer and enjoys dining out. Tamara has a keen interest in people, finding each person’s unique qualities and stories fascinating. She makes it a point to reflect on heaven daily. Above all, Tamara loves Jesus and is eager to dive into His powerful Word, which reminds us that we are all his cherished ones.

Each week we’ll gather together to discuss a chapter of the Personal and Powerful Bible study, led by Michelle Holladay and Tamara Lindhout.

We believe that colliding with Jesus can happen anywhere and everywhere… But it’s certainly most fun when done with a group of other ladies seeking Jesus, eating snacks, and drinking loads of coffee together each week.

Our group studies provide a safe place for women of all walks of life to embrace authenticity and lean into their desire for meaning. We don’t have all the answers, but we know the One who does. We have seen countless women collide with Jesus using this content so we invite you to join us and experience the same!

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Spaces are limited so make sure to register to save your seat.