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Women of Impact (Online Course)

Teaching and inspiration from women making a huge impact in the world as they tap into God’s purpose for their life in the sectors and spaces they’ve been called to. Get inspired and equipped to make an impact with YOUR life.

One of the things we know from working with women is that they have a desire to tap into God’s full potential for their lives and do amazing things in every stage, phase or season. And we are certain that God can purpose all women in whatever sector or place they are called to be used by God to do meaningful, purposeful, life impacting work. We also know that fear and insecurity, doubt and inexperience, and so much else can get in the way of this desire we all have to use our gifts, talents, and passions. So we crafted a beautiful course just for you. We curated session topics that meet women in this great desire to be purposed and we gathered up everyday women who are already doing amazing things in the world and we asked them to teach into our lives. As you take this course, we know you’ll feel inspired, challenged, and encouraged to fully step into your God-given purpose and potential.

We wanted to tackle a diverse set of topics to equip and empower you towards becoming a Woman of Impact. The 8 categories in this course are:

  • Made for This
  • You Have What It Takes
  • Impact in Every Chapter
  • Overcoming our Battle
  • Discerning Direction, Dream and Vision
  • Health for a Purpose
  • Making People Matter
  • Maximize Your Impact

These 8 categories will have over 70 video sessions, taught by over 50 incredible women! Teachers tackle a wide variety of topics such as leadership development, dealing with burnout, discovering your calling, learning how to hear God’s voice, battling comparison, cultivating teams and tips to become healthy and whole. Each teacher brings their own personal experience, advice, voice and story. Videos contain insightful interviews, in-depth teachings, on location wisdom from the very places women do their work, and real life stories to inspire and encourage.

Each section includes a beautifully designed digital journal with note-taking space and prompts for next steps and takeaways as well a place for reflection and prayer. We also compiled the best next steps for you as you learn and continue to grow as a leader as included all those recommendations into resources lists for each section that includes podcast episodes, blog posts, books and extra tools.

We can’t wait for you to jump in and be equipped, inspired, challenged and empowered to do great things in your life. For just $149, you’ll get access to the full course, available for purchase here.

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Q: How long do I have access to the course?
A: Good news! By choosing to invest in this course, you will gain unlimited, lifetime access to its contents.

Q: What devices can I watch it on?
A: This course is formatted to work seamlessly on desktops computers, laptops, tablets AND phones. It is truly created with your convenience in mind so there are no barriers to achieving the healing you desire in your life. The platform where this course is offered has an app for iPhones, but no Android app is available at this time.

Q: Do I need a log-in to access the course?
A: Yes, you will receive a unique log-in upon signing up for the course.

Q: Can I watch this with my friends?
A: The course was designed for individual use. Feel free to share the link to this page with a friend who you know would benefit from the course as well so you can support one another as you walk through it.

In the course, you get the major blessing of sitting underneath the teaching of women who are making a difference in the world. They will bring you their wisdom, fire, genius, and perspective to equip you to be a world changer. Collide’s Women of Impact online course features women from various sectors including:

  • The Business Sphere: You’ll gain wisdom from a senior director of Nike Talent Acquisition, an event manager, an online yoga platform founder, a business consultant, a CEO and so much more.
  • Women-Owned Business Leaders: You’ll be motivated by a national couture jewelry line, a coffee shop chain, a cheer gym, a dental practice and more.
  • The Ministry World: You’ll hear from pastors, youth leaders, preachers, development leaders, administrators and teachers who all do amazing work in ministry.
  • Human and Health Care Professionals: Women from the medical field, teachers, health coaches, psychiatrists, therapists and support officers will share their heart, passion and experience with you.
  • Creatives: Artists, bloggers, painters, podcast hosts, and all kinds of incredibly talented women will share about their impact and the process, challenges, fruit and beauty that come with it.
  • The Nonprofit Sector: You will experience a deep well of helps, resources and teachings from women doing work in the nonprofit sector helping at risk youth, sex trafficking victims, foster children, mediation case management, struggling families and more.
  • Motherhood: In this course passionate, thoughtful, driven moms share the complexity, challenges, seasons and impact they experience as women who juggle mom life with great purpose.