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So Long Insecurities: Building Confidence in a World of Doubt

Insecurities get in our heads, mess with our emotions, and lie to us, telling us we’re not good enough. We can get sucked into the comparison trap while scrolling social media. We can get down on ourselves over something someone said to us. We have all experienced the voice of our inner critic and have dealt with feelings of self-doubt and fear that we just don’t measure up. But we’re here to break the cycle!

This class will help you develop a whole new perspective and guide you through building confidence and security. We will also explore what Scripture says about our value and worth and learn how to move towards more joy as we walk with Jesus. Through thoughtful teaching and insights from our speakers, we will take you from a place of self-doubt and worry, and help you gain a stronger sense of self. Together, we will examine the negative thought patterns that often hold us trapped in our insecurities and learn how to break free from those patterns.

Led by Mental Health Therapist​ Amanda Barnett, Pastor Julie Burleson, as well as Spiritual Director Kelli Jensen, this class will draw upon their experience, wisdom, and education to provide helpful strategies for letting go of insecurities and embracing self-worth. You will walk away from this class feeling more confident and secure in who God made you to be.


November 9th


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Collide HQ

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$25 Person

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Julie Burleson


Julie is a native of San Diego but has called Bellingham her home for nearly a decade. She is happily married to her husband Josh, and they have a fluffy bundle of energy in their dog, Zoey. Julie currently serves as the lead pastor for Adult Ministries at Christ the King Community Church, where she gets to spend time helping others get to know God and grow closer to Him in a variety of ways. Julie enjoys time with others and a good conversation over a good meal. She is happiest being outdoors, particularly near the ocean, and spends her time hiking, listening to podcasts, or reading. She’s motivated by cookies, coffee, and books 🙂

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Amanda Barnett


Amanda is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Mental Health Counselor who specializes in helping women overcome anxiety, build confidence, and experience deeper and more meaningful relationships. Founder of Faith Christian Counseling, LLC, located in Ferndale, WA, her practice focuses on the treatment of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, trauma, and substance use. Amanda is passionate about helping women realize their self-worth and value in Jesus. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, and go on day trips with her husband.

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Kelli Jensen

Spiritual Director

Kelli Jensen is a Spiritual Director who has cultivated a love for walking alongside others through decades of ministry, vocational work, and schooling. Her background includes pastoring college students, directing a youth mentoring program, working with Native American tribes in Alaska as an environmental biologist and liaison, and now training through Soul Formation’s Academy of Spiritual Formation in Portland, Oregon.

Kelli is also a mom to two awesome boys and a wife to a truly kind and fun-loving husband. She and her family live in Bow, Washington where she enjoys interests that are in the usual PNW categories – hiking, coffee, books, being on or near the water, and adventuring, and has recently taken up cold water swimming to help in mental and physical health.

Prepare for some real talk as we dive in to discuss negative thought patterns that often hold us trapped in our insecurities and learn how to break free from those patterns. Gain some practical tips and biblical wisdom on how to nurture confidence and security, identify our God-given value, and learn how to deal with doubts when they arise. In our classes, we like to skip the surface-level parts and get right to the heart of what matters to us. At Collide we strive to live authenticity, telling our stories as they truly are, broken and messy, and invite women to do the same.

You’re going to want to come to this class with a teachable spirit, a hunger to learn, your favorite notebook, and a pen with lots of ink so you can jot down all the revelations, action items, and realizations you have as you listen to our expert teachers and chat with other like-minded women.