Shutting Down Anxiety to Live in The Precious Present with Dr. Laurie Arndorfer

Collide Podcast Shutting Down Anxiety to live in present Dr. Laurie Arndorfer

20% of people in the U.S. struggle with an anxiety disorder. That is one in every 5 people. And for most who don’t suffer from the disorder, there is still a real sense of worry and fear that cripples our potential and stops us from living our most vibrant lives. We are so grateful to welcome Dr. Laurie Arndorfer to the podcast to discuss practical ideas on why we struggle with anxiety, how to deal with stressors and triggers in our lives, and tips to begin living in the precious present.

Dr. Arndorfer specializes in Women’s Mental Health and in this episode she walks us through real ways to deal with our anxiety. We’re talking about every tactic from phone apps to relaxation breathing, to prayerful practices.

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