An Unexpected Calling From Stay at Home Mom to CEO with Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media

Collide Podcast Mom To CEO Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media

Kate Ahl is the Owner and CEO of Simple Pin Media, which is a Marketing Agency that helps bloggers, content creators, and small business owners grow their businesses using Pinterest. Kate has an incredible story (that she tells powerfully in this episode) of a journey that includes so many seasons – pastor’s wife, stay at home mom, and now CEO of her own company.

Kate shares vulnerably and lets us in to the grief of miscarriage, her husband’s mental break down, a season of fear and learning, and eventually starting and leading Simple Pin. Kate speaks powerfully about God’s faithfulness in her life, the necessity of community, and the power of hope and dreaming. We are so thrilled to share our conversation with this amazing woman with you today. To keep up with Kate, visit her website at

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