Nothing Wasted: An Evening for Women coming up!

What does God use to do amazing things?

We want to know the answer to that question because we want to do amazing things. Yet, we often get the answer wrong. We often think God uses what we don’t have. We often think God uses what we have yet to acquire. We often think God uses what someone else has, but not what we do. Whatever we think, we certainly often struggle believing God can use us to do the big, cool, impactful amazing things we so desire to be apart of.

We are going to spend the entire next Collide event for women answering this very question in the hopes that women will not only be inspired, but they will take steps to say yes to God using them for greatness in this world! This is the last Collide conference for women of this academic school year so be sure to get your tickets here. We have women driving over from good ol’ Sunnyside, Washington, women who have rented vans to travel together from Camano Island and woman who are traveling up from the Greater Seattle area all to join women from across Whatcom County. We have women who are 12 and women who are 82 coming. We have women who are Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostal, Catholic and atheist, all coming. So you should be here too:)

The night is shaping up to be a beautiful conversation and will include dramas, a resident artist for the night, an amazing calling coach, a woman whose cancer led her to start something that is changing lives around the world, a local mama whose heart for refugees found her needing to do something about that passion, a 7 year old little girl who is changing the world. We have Gladstone, a local band coming, a worship band, dinner or shall we say, lunch for dinner, and so much more.

Will you pray that lives are changed and inspired? Will you grab your girlfriends and come? Will you keep asking questions like; “What does God use to do amazing things?” Will you allow Him to answer that question and then say yes to God, so that our world and all those who need help and rescue in it, will find just that?

He is after all, an amazing God, who does amazing things.

Through us.



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