video about helping women get unstuck

Moving out of the Places that Keep you Stuck

Everybody gets stuck sometimes. Women from every city, every socioeconomic background, every race, every religion, every season and age in life. We often get stuck in addiction, bad habits, broken relationships, a lack of options, or feelings of powerlessness. We get stuck desiring to change a situation but not seeing it change, praying a million prayers and not seeing them answered. We get stuck in negative thought patterns, bitter feelings we can’t seem to escape, anger toward the church or the unhealthy roles we play in our families. Listen to this message from the Founder and Director of Collide, Willow Weston, as she invites you to get unstuck. As you run into Jesus, He will help you recognize why you are there and He will move you from a place of feeling stuck to a place of feeling whole, freed and alive.

You can download the FREE resources mentioned in the video here. 

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