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Yes, You: In-Person Bible Study

Most of us desire to do amazing things with our lives, but we often struggle believing that we can. We often believe that our past, our personality, our struggles, our patterns, our lack, our weakness will get in the way. Our negative self belief, our insecurities, our comparison games, can all get in the way of the amazing things God wants to do in our lives. We look at what we have to offer and often believe it isn’t enough. But what if God could use exactly who you are and what you have right now to do something amazing?

In this twelve-part Bible study, we will center around the passage in John 6 where Jesus fed five thousand people with one boy’s lunch. As we engage Scripture, read personal stories, and reflect on questions that invite us to new places, we will be challenged, encouraged and inspired by this study. We can’t wait to dive into this study on self worth and be encouraged to see beyond our inadequacies so that we can be purposed to live out our fullest potential.

Join us Monday evenings at the Collide office for an engaging group study with the book Yes, You.


Monday evenings, March 13 - June 12, 2023


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Collide Office

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Michelle Holladay

Michelle Holladay

Michelle Holladay believes passionately in God’s word and loves helping others discover how relevant the Bible is to our everyday lives. Her ideal day would be spent on a warm beach with a good book. One day, she blinked and her two children were grown, but being a mom will always be her favorite job, one she has happily shared with her husband of nearly 30 years. Michelle has led many Collide Bible studies and is looking forward to beginning this journey through the Yes, You Bible study with a new group of women.

Yes, You Spring 2023 Bible Study

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We believe that colliding with Jesus can happen anywhere and everywhere… But it’s certainly most fun when done with a group of other ladies seeking Jesus, eating muffins, and drinking loads of coffee together each week.

Join us in person as we dive into meaningful discussions that will help you discover your purpose, encourage and support you, and help you discover God in new and insightful ways, especially in the seasons where He feels distant.

Our group studies provide a safe place for women of all walks of life to embrace authenticity and lean into their desire for meaning. We don’t have all the answers, but we know the One who does. We have seen countless women collide with Jesus using this content so we invite you to join us and experience the same!

Grab a copy of Yes, You and join us for a gathering to go through our life changing content week-by-week. Studies may be purchased online or in person at the Collide office at 1416 N. State St. in downtown Bellingham.