Real Conversations: How to Talk to Your Teen about the Tough Stuff

Parenting a teen girl is no joke! It is a wonderful responsibility that comes with so much to navigate and teen girls are being faced with so many challenges on the daily. We want to come alongside you as a mom as you come alongside your daughter. So, come join other moms of daughters as we spend the day getting equipped together! We will learn from counselors, life coaches, educational leaders, child advocates, co-moms, and ministers. These teachers will help us help our daughters. We plan to tackle topics such as:

  • How to Help Your Daughter Cultivate a Positive Body Image
  • Talking to Your Teens about God
  • How to Help Your Kids Navigate Tricky Friendships
  • Fostering a Sense of Self-Worth in Your Kids
  • How to Help Your Teen Share Their Feels
  • Tools to Recognizing Teen Anxiety and How to Manage It
  • How to Be Helpful Rather Than Harmful: Identifying Mother Wounds and How to Avoid Causing Them.
  • How to Help Your Daughter Believe Beautiful Truths, Rather Than Ugly Lies

You’ll walk away from this class with wisdom on helping your daughter recognize and manage anxiety as well as helping foster in them a sense of self-worth. This workshop will feature 8 teaching sessions and include lunch, snacks as well as a journal for taking notes. 


Saturday, September 30th, 2023


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


The Collide Office - 1416 N. State St., Bellingham

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Prepare for some real talk as we dive in to discuss some of the struggles our teen daughters may be facing. This class is designed to help equip moms with tween/teen/or college-age daughters to build self-esteem, support feelings, recognize anxiety triggers, develop positive body image, and hold on to faith. You’ll gain some practical tips and biblical wisdom to nurture confidence, help your daughter identify her God-given value, and learn tools to help your teen deal with the struggles she’s facing. 

In our classes, we like to skip the surface-level parts and get right to the heart of what matters to us. At Collide we strive to live authenticity, telling our stories as they truly are, broken and messy, and invite women to do the same.

You’re going to want to come to this class with a teachable spirit, a hunger to learn, your favorite notebook, and a pen with lots of ink so you can jot down all the revelations, action items, and realizations you have as you listen to our expert teachers and chat with other like-minded women.

Kellie Furlan

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Kellie holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seattle Pacific University (2001) and completed additional training in Narrative Therapy and the Hakomi Method.  She was greatly influenced in graduate school by concepts of family systems and the importance of boundaries while working with these concepts intensively at the Meier New Life Clinic in Seattle where the work of Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend, co-authors of the bestselling book Boundaries, was foundational to the teaching and clinical work provided.  She has been in private practice in Bellingham, WA since 2013,  where she lives with her husband, three teenage kids, a dog, a cat and a bunny.

Willow Weston

Collide Founder and Director

Willow Weston is an author, speaker, podcast host, and the Founder and Director of Collide, a nonprofit ministry with a national reach that’s impacting thousands of women each year. She has been in ministry for 25 years and loves bringing passion, truth, authenticity and story into every room she walks into. She authentically shares her story of pain, and the beauty that comes out of it, in a way that inspires and encourages people to bravely invite Jesus into their own brokenness so they can experience hope and healing too. Willow, a mom and wife for over 20 years, is as real as it gets, obsessed with throwing parties, coffee, the beach, sunsets, kid cuddles, and a good, good story.

Kristi Knipp

Liscensed Mental Health

Kristi is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who primarily works with teen clients experiencing anxiety, depression and trauma. She believes in the importance of community and belonging, identity formation and understanding, and giving clients practical tools to feel more empowered. When she isn’t working, she loves spending time with her husband and four daughters. She is a gardener and a book reader. Creating safe, hospitable spaces for her clients and in her home is deeply valuable to her.

Dr. Kristi Dominguez

Superintendent of Ferndale School District

Having experienced her own learning struggles as a young child, it was the powerful influence of one teacher that propelled Dr. Kristi Dominguez, Ed.D, to dedicate the past 30 years of her life to giving back and educating others. As a teacher, administrator, and consultant, she has lived out her own belief that “if you teach to the heart of a child, their mind will follow.” Kristi was the unanimous choice for her new role as Superintendent of Ferndale School District in Washington state and says she looks forward to collectively building a vision and dreaming of a future where our students are thriving and achieving at high levels.

Kirsten VanWingerden

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Kirsten is a therapist with a background in Pre-Medicine Biology and Mental Health. Her approach focuses on the root of emotional distress and seeks to understand the patterns that cause dysfunction. She uses a body-based approach to remove shame from the human experience. Kristen is trained in Lifespan Integration, which teases out bodily responses to trauma and offers trauma education that is accessible to all people. Her approach to therapy is relational, attachment-based, and trauma-informed. In her free time, she enjoys running, spending time with her dog, volunteering, listening to music, and traveling.

Sarah Voth

Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian

Sarah is a Certified Eating Disorder Dietitian with a background in sports nutrition. Through her work, she has gained a unique perspective on the spectrum of eating disorders and what it looks like to truly heal and become a more embodied, empowered, well-fueled human. She has been counseling in the field of Eating Disorder recovery for more than 12 years, and has worked with thousands of individuals (children, adolescents, and adults) in recovery from disordered eating. She describes herself as a lover of language, learning and enjoys spending her free time conjugating French verbs or learning a new song on the piano.

This speaker session will be shown as a pre-recorded video session from our Counseling Bundle Course.


Jaelyn Libolt

Collide Staffer and Mom of Teens

Jaelyn Libolt is a Collide staff member and a mom of 4, including 2 daughters! She has launched one and is in the middle of the teen years with her second. She holds a degree in Biblical Studies and Theology, with a minor in Women’s Ministry from Multnomah University, and has spent the last 22 years in ministry of some sort or another. From pulling all-nighters with middle school students (or with a teething toddler) to moving to Scotland as a missionary, her life’s purpose has been to point others to Jesus. In addition to her role as a wife and mom, her experience includes youth ministry, women’s ministry, church-planting missionary, office and admin, and now in her dream job at Collide. In her free time, she enjoys going for coffee with her daughter-turned-best friend, spending time with her family, and laughing at her ridiculous pets.

Amanda Barnett

Licensed Mental Health Therapist, MA, LMFTA, LMHCA

Founder of Faith Christian Counseling, LLC, located in Ferndale, WA, her practice focuses on the treatment of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, trauma, and substance use. Amanda is passionate about helping women realize their self-worth and value in Jesus. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, and go on day trips with her husband.

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Q: What is Collide’s refund policy for purchased tickets?

A. Collide is not able to refund ticket purchases for any event. However, depending on the circumstance we have options for you.

In the event you’re unable to attend the event you purchased a ticket for you may:

  1. Donate your ticket to provide a scholarship to another woman who may not be able to otherwise attend due to financial constraints.
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