Money Management: Helping Women Pursue a Healthy Financial Mindset

Money and finances are topics we can all relate to. We often struggle with how to budget, prioritize saving, get our student loans or credit cards paid off, plan for retirement and live within our means so that we can be generous. This class will dive into biblical perspectives on how to spend, save and give, as well as give practical tips and tools to take control of your money. We will also examine some of the stigmas and shame associated with finances, and learn ways to re-tell our stories around money.

This class will be taught by licensed financial advisor Nicole Burdick who will draw upon her experience, wisdom, and education to provide helpful strategies for managing your money. You’ll walk away feeling confident in managing your finances and have a more positive mindset about money.


Thursday, Jan 26th


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Collide HQ

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$25 Person

Nicole Burdick

LPL Financial Advisor

Nicole Burdick has been obsessed with helping people get organized for as long as she can remember. Since her babysitting days of organizing pantries and closets while “playing” with her friends, Nicole has merged her love for personal finance and organization into helping people master their money through her role as a financial advisor. She describes her job and the people she works with as the most rewarding job she’s had. She loves being able to do work that is meaningful and creates clarity for her clients. When she’s not in the office, you may find her spending time with her video-producing husband Josh, chasing her two young kiddos, or writing and performing music.

Prepare for some real talk as we dive in to discuss negative thought patterns that we often hold around money and learn how to break free from those patterns. Gain some practical tips and biblical wisdom on how to manage your finances without your money ruling you. You’ll come away from this class with tips and tools on how to better manage your money and make a plan to deal with financial problems when they arise.

In our classes, we like to skip the surface-level parts and get right to the heart of what matters to us. At Collide we strive to live authenticity, telling our stories as they truly are, broken and messy, and invite women to do the same.

You’re going to want to come to this class with a teachable spirit, a hunger to learn, your favorite notebook, and a pen with lots of ink so you can jot down all the revelations, action items, and realizations you have as you listen to our expert teacher and chat with other like-minded women.

This class is being hosted for women only.