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Go Ahead: Fall In-Person Bible Study

So often we want the miracle, we want to see God, we want to be a part of what feels impossible but we are waiting for it to come to us instead of us leaning into it. So many of us desire to live extraordinary lives but often feel so very ordinary. What if experiencing the extraordinary is possible? What if big dreams can come true? This beautifully designed, colorful,10-part Bible study centers around Matthew 14:22-36 where Jesus miraculously walked on water toward His disciples in a boat. Dive in now to be encouraged to say “yes” to the invitation that awaits you.

As we engage Scripture, read personal stories, and reflect on questions that invite us to new places, we will be challenged, encouraged and inspired by this study. This study is filled with guided discussion, activities and reflection. We can’t wait to study this with you.

Join us Tuesday evenings at the Collide office for an engaging group study.


Tuesday Evenings, October 12th-December 14th


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Collide Office

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MIchelle Holladay

Michelle Holladay believes passionately in God’s word and loves helping others discover how relevant the Bible is to our everyday lives. Her ideal day would be spent on a warm beach with a good book. One day, she blinked and her two children were grown, but being a mom will always be her favorite job, one she has happily shared with her husband of nearly 30 years. Michelle has led many Collide Bible studies and is looking forward to beginning this journey through Matthew 14 with a new group of women.

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Jen Shaw

Jen finds joy in the little things & never ceases to be amazed watching God show up in places she’d least expect & redeem our brokenness for His glory. She is a feisty mama of many, through birth, foster care & adoption, and the wife of an Executive Pastor, who God called to ministry after 20 years in business. She’s an encourager, connector and come-alongsider, who can’t wait to explore “Go Ahead” with you.

We believe that colliding with Jesus can happen anywhere and everywhere… But it’s certainly most fun when done with a group of other ladies seeking Jesus and eating muffins and drinking loads of coffee together each week. Just a personal opinion.

Grab a copy of Go Ahead and join us for a gathering to go through our life changing content week-by-week.

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