Cancelled: Decisions, Direction, and Discernment

This event is cancelled due to government restrictions on gatherings. We look forward to rescheduling as soon as we can.

Life is made up of so many decisions. We all want to make the right ones. Be refreshed and equipped as Willow Weston teaches what it looks like to discern God’s voice in order to make the best decisions and head in the best direction for our lives.

  • Men and Women

Nov 17, 2020


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Collide Office

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$15.00 Person

Willow Weston

Founder / Director - Collide

Willow Weston loves telling stories and inviting others to share theirs. She’s a foodie, a beach walker, a party-thrower, a coffee shop addict, a wife and a Mom. She is open about the wounds and insecurity she battles, and she’s passionate about helping other people become authentic with their pain so they can walk toward wholeness. Over 20 years, God called her to be a messenger for Him and she is now a speaker, blogger, podcast host, author and Founder and Director of Collide.

Get ready to dig in to the deep and real – we talk body image, perfectionism, family dysfunction, and so much more. At our classes, workshops and retreats, we like to skip the surface-level parts and get right to the heart of what matters to us as women, whether we’re discovering our purpose, facing past wounds, or developing our leadership skills.

You’re going to want to come to a class, workshop, or retreat with a teachable spirit, a hunger to learn, your favorite notebook, and a pen with looots of ink so you can jot down all the revelations, action items, and realizations you have as you listen to our expert teachers and chat with other like-minded women.