women doing virtual bible studies

Collide Pod Squads

There’s no debating this is a unique time. With fewer gatherings and totally new routines, it takes an extra dose of creativity to find ways to stay connected, encouraged, and inspired. Introducing – POD SQUADS. We’ve reimagined what it looks like for you to collide with Jesus because we know that small groups of women connecting all over the country can have a HUGE impact on each other, and on the world.

A few women.
An hour or two a week.
Incredible potential for growth.

Pod Squads are women gathering together safely (whether that’s in small groups of people you already do life with, or virtually with ladies you love from afar) and diving into Collide Bible Study content that’s designed to foster meaningful conversation and spiritual growth. You invite your people, and we’ll get you everything you need to start colliding together (including chocolate, because #duh).

Sound like fun? We think so too!

Here are the steps to get started:

  • Invite. Call up the ladies who you safely do life with (you know, like your mom, sister, or best friend who has been your go-to quarantine buddy), or reach out to some old college roommates to initiate a virtual study. Whether in person or online, we promise fun and connection will be had.
  • Equip. Choose your study (all the options are featured below) and get your group ordering. When 4 women grab their book, you get a free book + leader guide for FREE. Oh, and you’ll also get a free host box filled with all the goodies you need to make your group of 5 a success.
  • Grow. Go deeper in your relationships, engage Scripture, find healing, be empowered, and collide with Jesus.

Interested in Hosting a Pod Squad?

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So, which study is right for me and my group?

We are so excited to be offering studies that meet women exactly where they’re at. Whether you’ve known Jesus your entire life or you are just getting introduced to Him for the first time, our books will pose questions that help you dig deeper, tell stories that relate to your own life, and provide Scripture and wisdom that deepen your faith. Each book has a different focus and centers around a particular passage of Scripture, and includes questions, reflective practices, writing prompts, and stories that help bring that passage to life for the reader. We’ve been thrilled to watch as women in various parts of the country have engaged with these books and have responded that the content drew them deeper into their Bibles and more confidently into their purpose and worth. Click here for full descriptions, or to download excerpts of any of the studies.

But really, you can’t go wrong in choosing!