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Chasing Meaning: Postponed & Updates Coming Soon.

Finding the Divine and Meaningful in Everyday Life

It’s so easy to get busy, to settle into the everyday ordinary humdrum schedule, pace and rhythms of our lives and miss the Divine right in our midst. It’s so easy to fill up our days and our weeks and our months with to do’s and appointments and Netflix binging and work and kid’s carpools, so much so that we miss the meaningful moments in all of it. It’s so easy to chase a lot of things, but do we chase the meaning that is to be had every single day? We want to spend a powerful day together hearing stories of the meaningful and the Divine showing up in the ordinary. We will be inspired to look for it in our own lives. Come gather with hundreds of women and be powerfully moved and empowered by speakers and teachers as they invite us into finding meaning in our everyday ordinary lives.


Saturday, February 20, 2021


9:30 am - 3:30 pm


Cordata Presbyterian Church

Get Directions Cost:

$45.00 General

$25.00 Student

Early Bird: $20 Student/$35 General

Event FAQs

If you’ve never been to a Collide conference before, you are in for an amazing experience full of unique elements and fun surprises. Our conferences are distinct from any other event you’ve been to, so we’ve compiled a few of the most commonly asked questions to help unpack what you can expect when it comes to your ticket, the conference experience, and how to prepare for an exciting night of colliding with Jesus.

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Willow Weston


Willow Weston loves telling stories and inviting others to share theirs. She’s a foodie, a beach walker, a party-thrower, a coffee shop addict, a wife and a Mom. She is open about the wounds and insecurity she battles, and she’s passionate about helping other people become authentic with their pain so they can walk toward wholeness. Over 20 years, God called her to be a messenger for Him and she is now a speaker, blogger, podcast host, author and Founder and Director of Collide.