Changemakers Pledge

We are SO passionate about walking alongside women in the midst of their pain and brokenness. We see all the time the ways women’s lives are being transformed and impacted as they engage in all the different programs and ministries Collide offers. Each year we have women desiring change in their lives reaching out to Collide for help facing addiction, struggling with suicidal thoughts, trying to fix broken marriages, dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse, battling depression, anxiety, and more. 

For those of us at Collide, a Changemaker is someone who wants to use their life to change the world. We believe that we can all be Changemakers; we can all leverage our life to make an impact. We also believe in what God can do with a simple yes. We need YOUR help so we can continue to change lives.

Every gift makes an impact, no matter the size. Every gift goes back into the ministry of Collide, and contributes toward real, lasting change in our community and beyond. 

Would you consider becoming a changemaker and financially partnering with us so that we can continue to change women’s lives? 

Here are 3 ways you can partner for change with us:

  1. Become a Monthly Donor: Your partnership provides us with consistent resources to sustain and carry out this mission. With your on-going support we can tell more stories of transformational life-change.
  2. Give to the Scholarship Fund for Counseling and Support: With your investment, this scholarship fund can offer support and financial assistance to send a woman to counseling as well as send a woman to a life changing conference or class. 
  3. Donate a One Time gift to be used Where Most Needed: We’ll steward your donation towards programs and immediate needs that come up throughout the year. 
  • Give online
  • Text collidepledge to 1-888-364-GIVE (4483)
  • Send or drop off a check or cash to our office at 1416 N. State Street Bellingham, WA 98225 

Thank you in advance for being a Changemaker – we could not do this work without you!

Give and Be a Changemaker