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Women’s Conference with Special Guest Bob Goff

There are so many experiences calling our name, so many opportunities we could say yes to, so many dreams to chase, so many relationships to invest in. It’s so easy as women to feel distracted, pulled in one hundred directions and even frantic at times. Does worry have you up at night? Does stress keep bossing you around? Are you trying to hold everything together and feel like you’re failing? We all resonate with the big dreams and great opportunities inviting our time, and the temptation lets the perfectionist in each of us take over. We try to be amazing in so many endeavors and responsible with so many commitments that we often end up feeling like we’re failing at all of it. Let’s gather together with other big dreamers, world changers, and go-getters and spend an evening being inspired and getting equipped to choose all the best things so we can experience all the best of life.


Friday, November 4th


6:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Christ the King Church

Get Directions Cost:

$65 Early Bird Ticket

$75 Standard Ticket

$75 after June 30th

Collide Podcast Q&A with Bob Goff

Bob Goff

Bob spent decades as an attorney, trying to figure out how to live a whimsical, impactful life. These days, he calls himself a “recovering lawyer” because after practicing law for 25 years, then becoming the Honorary Consul to Uganda, he gave up his law firm to pursue writing and speaking full time. He’s a New York Times bestselling author several times over, runs a popular weekly podcast, and recently turned farmer at The Oaks just outside San Diego, California.

willow weston smiling outside

Willow Weston

Founder and Director of Collide

Willow Weston loves telling stories and inviting others to share theirs. She’s a foodie, a beach walker, a party-thrower, a coffee shop addict, a wife and a Mom. She is open about the wounds and insecurity she battles, and she’s passionate about helping other people become authentic with their pain so they can walk toward wholeness. Over 20 years, God called her to be a messenger for Him and she is now a speaker, blogger, podcast host, author and Founder and Director of Collide.

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