step into church

We know that for some the word ‘church’ triggers fear, shame or old memories of boredom and choirs. We know that it sounds hard to believe that there might be a church community just for you. We know there are phases and stages of life where you drift away from your church community, or going just feels like one more ‘to-do.’ And we know that finding a church might sound like work and you might have no idea where to start. But in all these things, we truly believe that finding a local church you can be apart of is not only life-giving, but might be one of the single greatest steps you can take to keep intentionally colliding with Jesus.

So we want to help you find a church that might be a good fit for you, and have compiled the list below of local churches for your reference. If you find yourselves beyond Whatcom County but are still seeking suggestions for places to visit, please email and will use our network of relationships and connections in your city to help find you a good church fit.