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Loyalty is Hot by Willow Weston

I have been reading Proverbs this last month, one everyday. I love them. If you need something to read right now, I can pretty much guarantee that if you sit underneath one proverb a day and soak in each verse allowing God’s wisdom to infill the places you need it, you will be wiser by the end of the month! As I was reading Proverbs 19, I came across this gem: Loyalty makes a person attractive. Proverbs 19:22 I’ll tell […]

Holly and Grace by Willow Weston

We have the most giant holly bush you have ever seen outside our house. It lines the front of our property from one end to the other, almost 100 feet in length. It has grown so high that we lose our view in the summer and my husband has to get a really tall ladder out every year and trim it down. It’s so wide that you can walk around inside of it. When we first purchased the property we […]

The intentional, ordinary, simplicity of thankfulness by Willow Weston

I am often a thankless person. I can spend an entire day in a mindset that hesitates to find gratitude. I think it’s called a bad attitude. I can also get so hyper busy trying to take on my to do list that I fail to pause and recognize the blessings surrounding me. And I can spend more time thinking about what I want, than what I now have. Maybe you do this too? The antonym of the word thankful […]

I lost my cool the first day of school by Willow Weston

  I lost my cool the first day of school. Yep, its true. And the day before too. I’m not feeling great about it. Feeling proud is not why I am letting you in on my mom fail. This mom gig is hard sometimes. I’m thinking maybe I am not the only woman who feels this way. Maybe some of you lose your cool too. And if you aren’t a mom, maybe reading this will invite you into an authentic […]

His Mercies Are New When by Willow Weston

At a church one Sunday it was like I was pierced right between the eyes, and the sermon hadn’t even started. I was standing there with friends “worshipping” when a man I know and his new girlfriend filed in with both their kids and sat a few rows in front of us. My mind started running every which way wondering to myself “How soon is it ok to just show up at the church that your wife goes to, with […]

the husband

Over the last month or so, I have been living part time at a hospital and much of that time has found us waiting and waiting and waiting again. We have eaten awful meatloaf and fake potatoes gazing across the cafeteria to see other sick and grieving people. We have made more jokes about fecal matter and bowel movements than anyone should ever make. We have put on so many yellow gowns and blue plastic gloves that we are now […]

Happys and Crappys

The other night we sat down for dinner as a family. The harvest pumpkins and the wheat bouquets were out, the candle was lit, and all four of us gathered to share a meal around the table. It almost feels like a miracle, something as simple as sitting all in one place at one time. No sports practice, no real estate open house, no ministry meetings, no parent teacher conferences. My favorite three people all in one place. This togetherness […]

Mother’s Day gone wrong gone right

This mother’s day marked the one year anniversary of Rob’s mom’s passing and so we decided to get away to the beach. The kids and I headed out Saturday and waited Robs arrival from work Saturday night. We drove up and saw that the tide was out and the kids threw off their flip flops and ran about as fast and as far as they could allowing the tide to determine their depth. I finished up unpacking our things in […]

Greater Things Part 3 by Willow Weston

“Greater things,” the two words Jesus used to describe what His disciples, His homies, are capable of. Is that you? Because Jesus said you can do even greater things than He did. That’s a radical statement coming from the One who turned water into wine and restored lepers and rose Lazarus from the dead. So either Jesus is blowing smoke or you are underestimating your potential. This 3 part series called Greater things challenges our confidence problem and helps us […]

Greater Things Part 2 by Willow Weston

A few days ago I shared part 1 of 3 parts of this series called Greater Things. I opened up about my great sense of inadequacy to believe God could use me. God met me on a trail when I was walking home from class in college and spoke to me in a way that I knew I would have to decide when I stepped off that trail if I would follow Him or go my own way. When I […]