Kristen Behrends

Kristen dreamed of being a teacher when she grew up but instead is rocking Collide staff. When asked who she would want to be stuck in an elevator she said: “Someone who knows how to fix elevators.” This smarty does life by colliding with Jesus on a daily basis. She lives her life by telling the truth, cultivating real relationships, and leaning into God’s plans for her, even when they’re uncomfortable. Though an introvert by nature, Kristen’s passion is people, and in loving them she finds meaning for her life. Kristen graduated from Western Washington University, where she met her husband, and together they live in Bellingham where they enjoy hiking, camping, traveling, and adventuring outdoors. And most people don’t know this, but she has some sweet card tricks up her sleeve.

Anna Kuttel

Anna wanted to be an interior designer when she grew up but is now a juggler of details as Administrator at Collide. When asked who she would want to be stuck in an elevator with, she said “Myself, for a bit of peace and quiet.” This mom’s vices are coffee and chocolate muffins but she knows firsthand that God shows up just when she least expects and most needs Him to— in the everyday, the epic, and everything in between. She seeks to be authentic by entering into others’ joys, hurts, and mess. Anna’s background is composed of such seemingly paradoxical passions and experiences as anthropology and interior design, real estate and nonprofit, all of which have shaped her into a continually learning-and-growing wife, a mom of two strong and joyful young boys, and a Collide staff extraordinaire.

Willow Weston

Willow wanted to be a TV broadcaster when she grew up but now finds herself doing what she never expected- ministry! Her vices are coffee on the daily and Cheeze- Its once a year, but still...When asked who she would want to be stuck in an elevator with, she said “Justin Bieber, but explaining why so you won’t judge me would take way too long!” Willow takes her cues from Jesus, which means her life is a mix of crazy, unexpected, broken, beautiful, painful, joyous moments that bring meaning to her life every day. Her incredible story has given way to incredible healing both in her own life and others. God called Willow to start Collide and she has been running to keep up with Him ever since. Willow lives in Bellingham with her husband of almost 20 years years and her two crazy middle schoolers. She speaks about God’s love at camps, retreats, churches, and other gatherings, in addition to her work as founder and Director of Collide.