We have a ministry team every year made up of women from all different churches and experiences, with different stories and giftings that all work together, sculpting, weaving, praying and constructing ways that we can make space for people to collide with Jesus. These women study together, learn together and minister together. To pull off the events, the blog, the retreats, the message, the partnerships- to help counsel, to grow people spiritually, to share story and call other’s to share theirs- all takes a village. This year’s team is comprised of these amazing women:

Amanda Bergstrom
Amy Burghart
Ann Vallee
Bethany Brewster
Celeste Fiorillo
Hannah Atkins
Heidi Hull
Kara Eckardt
Kelli Hawkinson
Kristen Hamilton
Laurie Arndorfer
Lindsey Kiniry
Melissa Jacobs
Meredith LaPlante
Michelle Holladay
Naomi Fosket
Roxanne Burgoon
Sarah Willett
Sherri Lewis
Stacey Rorvig
Tammy Lindhout
Taylor Storey
Trina Bedlington